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Das neue Psychotic Waltz-Album wird immer konkreter!

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Psychotic Waltz waren gerade auf kleiner Europa-Tour, spielten auf Festivals und konnten deshalb zusammen wesentliche Songwriting-Schritte gehen. Für jene, die das nicht wissen: Mastermind und Sänger Devon lebt seit vielen Jahren in Österreich, die restliche Band hingegen lebt nach wie vor in Kalifornien. Auf ein neues Album kann man sich als Epic-Prog-Metal-Fan wirklich freuen. Sämtliche der 90er Alben der Band waren bekanntlich weltklasse. Hier haben wir als Erinnerung Ashes ausgegraben. Wir bleiben dran! Hier noch der genaue Wortlaut der Band auf Facebook:

Hey everyone
We would like to thank everyone who came out to see us on the 2017 run of European Shows. We had a great time and we hope to be back soon. We also want to thank the people who invited us to play at all of the clubs for the headline shows, our booking agency Rock the Nation, as well as the organizers of Graspop Metal Meeting, Copenhell, and Wacken Open Air. Also thank you to the guys in our support bands BLEEDING and POVERTY'S NO CRIME. Andreas came in clutch on the last show in Essen when Norm broke his BOTTOM snare head and let us borrow his so we could finish the show. How do you break a bottom head on a snare drum? Crushing power I guess.. 
Special thanks to our Manager Ula Gehret for all the extra time and effort, Travis Smith for the merch designs and backdrop design, Rene Meijer for excellent work as our Front of house Audio guy, and Gerjan Koninenbelt for being a kick ass tour manager. We love you guys!
So...what now?
Weren't we working on a new album?
As some of you may or may not know, 4 of us ( Ward, Norm,Brian,Dan ) live in California, and Devon, our singer, lives in Austria. This makes the songwriting process take a little longer than it used to for us when we all lived in California back in the 90's. So, part of our agenda for this Europe trip was to get together to work on some more ideas for the new record. With the 5 of us together it really helped us in refocusing our efforts and moving toward a completion of the new songs. Some things you just can't do over email.
Now we are all at home and getting back into the album songwriting mode. I think we are deep into it now, but I still can't promise a date when we are finished. Right now there are 10 songs in various forms of completion with 2 or 3 more embryos still needing development into real songs. 
Those of you who came to see us at the headliner club shows got a sneak peek at one new song " While the Spiders Spin". We have more songs that are finished, but we did not want to give them all away before we properly record and release these new songs as they are intended to be. You can't take back a first impression, and YouTube is forever. Hopefully "Spiders" was a good enough down payment to hold you guys over.
Life is messy and full of distractions, but we will offer no excuses here. We just are not finished yet.Thanks for always being so patient with us. 
We don't want to be disappointed in our results either :)
Much Love
Ward PW